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Dead Man's Tale (Presage Mission)


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START: 1 Hour COMPLETION TIME: 1 Hour, but may depend on chosen options

Buy the Dead Man's Tale Boost and get one of the most popular weapons in Destiny 2. The Presage mission is back with the introduction of the Weekly Exotic Mission Rotator in Season 22, giving the players another shot at acquiring the community favorite Exotic Scout Rifle – Dead Man's Tale.

The cherry on top of the cake – DMT is now craftable, meaning you can farm the Deepsight DMT in the mission and make a perfect god-roll version of the weapon. While the nature of the red borders drop is random, it may take quite some time to get there. Buy the DMT Boost and quickly get the desired weapon, avoiding unnecessary hassle.


  • The Dead Man's Tale Exotic Scout Rifle;
  • Presage Mission completed;
  • Presage Triumphs;
  • Exotic Catalyst for the DMT;
  • Chance to loot Armor and Weapons from the Season of the Haunted;
  • Experience for the Season Pass and Artifact.


  • 1800+ Power Level;
  • 1820+ Power Level for Legend Difficulty;
  • You must own Beyond Light or Season of the Chosen.


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The Dead Man's Tale Exotic Scout Rifle was first introduced in the Season of the Chosen of the Beyond Light expansion. This gun quickly rose to fame in all levels of PvP, dominating it and receiving a series of balance changes over the years, and in PvE, being one of the best options in the Long Range Primary category.

The returning version of the DMT is craftable and brings a new pool of perks to the table – we'll have to wait and see what combinations we can work with, but one thing is sure: the fun is about to start again!

Exotic Missions brought back on the rotation additionally drop the Armor and Weapons from the associated past seasons. Presage mission includes gear from the Season of the Haunted, such as:

Dead Man's Tale (Presage Mission)
Dead Man's Tale (Presage Mission)


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