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Timelost Weapons Bundle boost


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Master Vault of Glass raid

Start: 1 hour  |  ETA: 6 weeks

Timelost weapon has all the benefits of Adept weapons (could be modified by an adept version of mods and has +2 to every stat except damage) with a few differences - there is 1 guaranteed roll and 1 random roll in the 3rd and 4th column of perks. To obtain any of Timelost guns you must complete a weekly challenge.

What will you get if buy from us?

  • Timelost Hezen Vengeance;
  • Timelost Fatebringer;
  • Timelost Corrective Measure;
  • Timelost Found Verdict;
  • Timelost Vision of Confluence;
  • Timelost Praedyth's Revenge;
  • All additional Raid drop that you obtain during farm;
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact;
  • Spoils of Conquest;
  • Chance to obtain Vex Mythoclast.
  • Vaultstrider Exotic Ship

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1821+ Light Level

Timelost Weapons Bundle boost
Timelost Weapons Bundle boost


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