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Moments of Triumph 2023 Seal - MMXXII Title Boost


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The Flawless Title is a remarkable achievement, but he is considered the most difficult PvP Title to get.

What will you get if buy from us?

  • Triumphs that you haven't achieved yet or full seal completed;
  • MMXXIII title if you are complete all triumphs;
  • Triumph points for your account;
  • Crucible reputation ranks;
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact.


To complete Moments of Triumph 2023 Seal, you need to complete any 26 of the following Triumphs.

  • Moments of Triumph T-Shirt Token — Complete 5 Triumphs to earn a token that unlocks the 2023 T-shirt for purchase on the Bungie Store;
  • Reward: Ghost Shell — Complete 14 Triumphs to earn the 2023 Moments of Triumph Ghost shell;
  • Reward: Sparrow — Complete 21 Triumphs to earn the Moments of Triumph 2023 Sparrow;
  • Paracausal Adventurer — Complete a run of each Year 6 raid and dungeon to earn the 2023 raid patch;
  • Lightfall Legendary — Complete all Lightfall missions on Legendary difficulty;
  • Action Hero — Complete all Heroic public events in Neomuna;
  • Cartographer — Complete all Lost Sectors in Neomuna;
  • They're Not Dolls — Collect all of the unique action figures in Neomuna and place them where they belong in Striders' Gate;
  • Terminal Treasures — At the end of the Terminal Overload activity, open Terminal Overload chests. Terminal Overload Key Chests grant additional progress;
  • Take a Strand — Inflict the Unraveled, Severed, and Suspended debuffs upon targets;
  • Restored and Remembered — Restore all the damaged memorials in the Hall of Heroes in Neomuna;
  • Honorary Cloud Strider — Claim all Rank rewards from Nimbus;
  • Root of Nightmares — Complete any version of the "Root of Nightmares" raid;
  • Crota's End — Complete any version of the "Crota's End" raid;
  • Arise — Complete the "Ghosts of the Deep" dungeon;
  • Collect the Debts of Kings, O Vengeance Mine — Complete the "Warlord's Ruin" dungeon;
  • Unbowed, Unbent — Complete every step in the "We Stand Unbroken" quest line;
  • Big Game Banisher — Defeat Champions or bosses in the Defiant Battlegrounds playlist;
  • Scourge of Light — Defeat combatants with Season of Defiance weapons: Perpetualis, Prodigal Return, Regnant, Caretaker, Raconteur, and Royal Executioner;
  • Fully Salvaged — Complete the quest "Into the Depths";
  • Mechanical Depth — Successfully complete an encounter at each new depth of Deep Dives;
  • Deep Reserves — Defeat targets with Season of the Deep weapons. Defeated Guardians grant additional progress;
  • Hook, Line, Sinker — Catch fish at any Fish Pond;
  • Sisters and Swords — Complete every week in "The Bladed Path" quest line;
  • Elemental Covens — Complete Savathûn's Spire with a full fireteam of Arc, Void, and Solar subclasses;
  • Acolyte's Offerings — Complete Summoning: Solar Ritual, Summoning: Void Ritual, Summoning: Arc Ritual, Summoning: Lucent Hive, Summoning: Taken, Summoning: Wrathborn, Summoning: Vex, and Summoning: Xivu's Brood encounters in Altars of Summoning on any difficulty;
  • Red Tithings — Defeat targets with weapons from the Season of the Witch (Eleatic Principle, Kept Confidence, Brya's Love, The Eremite, Semiotician, and Locus Locutus) or the Red War era (The Showrunner, Deadpan Delivery, Persuader, and Nightshade);
  • Arcane Knowledge — Identify all of the Minor Arcana at the Lectern of Divination;
  • The Parting Glass — Complete the quest "Wishing All the Best";
  • Lair Crawler — Complete pathways in Riven's Lair. Completing pathways in The Coil grants increased progress;
  • Riven's Relics — Open chests in Riven's Lair and The Coil;
  • By the Breath of Sol — Complete the Exotic mission "Starcrossed" with a full fireteam using only Solar subclasses;
  • Weapon Proficiency — Defeat combatants in the Dreaming City. Targets defeated in Seasonal activities award additional progress.

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1560+ Light Level;

Witch Queen Deluxe Edition or Season 19 Purchased

Moments of Triumph 2023 Seal - MMXXII Title Boost
Moments of Triumph 2023 Seal - MMXXII Title Boost


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