How does this work?

 After you make an order, leave us your Skype or email for which we will contact you.

We will check the payment. We shall do our best to provide you the service in the most convenient time for you.

It's safe?

 Yes, your order will be executed by professionals and the best WoW players. We have successfully made a huge number of orders.

What if I find cheaper than in your store?

 You should understand that for us the main task is the quality and cheap performance of services. Therefore, if you find cheaper, then we will make a discount.

Why should I trust your boost team?

 We have fulfilled more than 1000 orders and have been working since 2014. We have a personal certificate in the web money system. You pay for our services through a secure payment in PayPal. Therefore, we can not deceive you.  We have a large number of reviews from our clients. Our team consists of players from highly respected guilds, 80 percent of our customers do at least 1 more order.

How quickly will I receive the service I ordered?

 It all depends on what service was ordered. But we will try to do everything as quickly as possible. You can specify the exact time of execution from our online operator on the site or in Skype.